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Black Box Launches new Radian FleX Video Wall Platform

Radian FleX offers a new class of flexibility in Video Wall Processor Software

PITTSBURGH, June 2018 - Black Box, an industry-leading provider of audio visual (AV) technology, today introduced Radian FleX Video Wall Platform. Radian FleX is superseding traditional Video Wall Software and Controllers by providing a Video Wall Platform advancement that future-proofs investment. It is infinitely upgradable and, unlike hardware-based solutions, it offers unlimited resolution and screen outputs.

“Many of our customers employ proprietary, hardware-based video wall technology that requires them to think about when they will inevitably have to purchase and install new hardware to meet ever-changing standards in resolution and picture quality. As a 100% software-based video wall solution, Radian FleX eliminates the need to replace purpose-built hardware with a simple, cost-effective and futureproof solution. This enables our customers to upgrade or scale their video wall technology more economically, reliably and faster,” said Josh Whitney, Senior Vice President - Technology Product Solutions business at Black Box.

Currently, Radian FleX’s robust video engine supports today’s standard of 4k 60fps video up to an industry-leading resolution of more than one billion pixels. But it does not stop at 4k. Radian FleX boasts limitless resolution. This means that when 8k resolution becomes the standard, Radian FleX is ready; and when the next ultra-high definition resolution comes out after 8k, Radian FleX provides an easy path to upgrade

To further future-proof the enterprise, there is no limit on the number of screens and end points that Radian FleX can display to. The solution also supports an unlimited number of inputs. Radian FleX also includes SmartFrame technology that ensures optimal use of the video wall display area. This feature provides perfect picture quality and fit to screen with minimal setup time. Other key features of Radian FleX include powerful content manipulation, schedule and restore capabilities, real-time control over displayed content, slide show and more.

Radian FleX is offered in two powerful suites, the Radian FleX Suite and the Radian FleXPro Suite. The Flex Suite is best fit for economic video wall installations that are not reliant on fail safe operation. The FleXPro Suite includes dual controllers to ensure fail safe operation for mission-critical visualizations like control and command rooms.

“Whether an industry depends on their command and control centers like defense, public safety, transportation or security, or they need unmatched picture quality for clear, crisp digital signage to get their message and brand across, Radian FleX takes a large step forward in helping customers prepare for the future,” Whitney added.

Visit the Black Box Radian FleX page for more information.

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