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A game changer: the DKM KVM matrix switch by Black Box now supports 4K60

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Always and instantly on the cutting edge of technology thanks to its modular construction

Munich, 08 June 2016 — Now the tried-and-tested DKM KVM switch and extender supports 4K60 transmissions over a single Fibre cable. It has a modular construction, so you can simply install the appropriate new card or expand the existing one, which will then integrate flawlessly with the existing audio, USB or serial ports. Thus users can stay fully up-to-date without having to replace entire pieces of equipment. High-resolution image transmissions of up to 4K are increasingly gaining ground; not just in the professional Audio Visual industry but also in the medical world and the production industry.

Thanks to the DKM, the professional KVM industry now has access to a flexible, almost instantaneous matrix switch with digital resolutions of up to 4K (at 60 fps). This not just allows for the seamless extension of the operation channel of numerous video signal formats but also for arbitrary configurations of cross point switches – whether it concerns a single user who has to switch 287 PCs or approx. 50 employees who need access to up to 238 computers. It is possible to connect users and CPUs (computers and servers) over distances of up to 10 km. In addition, redundant, hot-swappable power supplies ensure excellent availability, meaning the device is ultimately suitable for critical application scenarios such as live broadcasts or use in coordination centres and emergency control rooms.

“We are seeing a strong trend towards 4K, and not just in the traditional visual sectors such as studios,” states Hans-Peter Kuhnert, Vice President Sales EMEA at Black Box. “In the health sector, public safety sector and production industry the demand for ultra-high resolution images is also on the rise. With our DKM systems, users always have access to state-of-the-art technology tailored to their particular needs. At the same time, the modular construction is future-proof: when the technology evolves, we can supply the relevant cards and ports in no time at all. This way you do not have to replace entire devices but just the relevant modules each time, thus saving time, money and resources.”