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Transportation Industry Solutions

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Keeping transportation operations safe and on time comes down to having the right technology infrastructure in place. Black Box’s comprehensive portfolio of connectivity products helps you track every issue, delay, and emergency happening in transportation environments, such as airports, railway stations, subways, bus stations, and more, in real time so operators can make instant, informed decisions to keep commuters safe and satisfied.

Featured Solutions for Transportation

KVM Switching and Extension

KVM systems optimise decision-making and communications in 24/7/365 environments.

Visual Communications and Wayfinding

Digital signage keeps passengers informed of delays, issues, and emergencies.

Freight Tracking and Security

GPS freight tracking devices provide better visibility and protection of valuable assets in transit and storage.

Connectivity Technology Solutions

Network and infrastructure products that provide a consistent connection in the harshest environments.

Featured Products for Road, Metro, and Rail Transportation

Emerald® 4K KVM-over-IP

Access and manage an unlimited number of PCs from any location.

iCompel® Digital Signage

Keep passengers informed of arrival times, delays, and emergencies. Easily update in real time to keep content accurate.

JIDO GPS Freight Tracker

Provide comprehensive visibility for moving trucks and parked trailers waiting to be unloaded and reloaded

Featured Products for Air Transportation

Black Box designs, sources, and implements high-performance KVM extension and data visualization solutions for the most demanding air traffic control centres and airport network applications. Read more.

Emerald® 4K KVM-over-IP

Access and manage an unlimited number of PCs from any location.

Boxilla® KVM Manager

Management solution that gives you complete control of your KVM system.

Radian Flex

Improve communication and visualization with this software-based video wall system.

Featured Products for Maritime Transportation

Black Box provides secure, reliable, and IEC-60945-certified signal distribution solutions for naval applications that entail monitoring and control of critical processes and data. Read more.

4Site Flex KVM Multiviewer

Simultaneously display four analogue or digital computers and video sources on a single screen in real time with smooth video performance at full refresh rates without frame dropping.

DKM Modular 4K KVM

Highly scalable, reliable, and flexible KVM matrix switching platform that provides proprietary extension of KVM and peripheral signals and 24/7 operation in critical environments.

JIDO GPS Freight Tracker

IoT-enabled tracking and security solution that provides real-time GPS data of containers anywhere in the world as well as critical information like temperature, humidity, and tamper reports.