When you need to visualise mission-critical information


Artistic Video Walls


VideoPlex creative multi-screen display video walls captivate passers-by with live video, animated content, digital signage, and DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort distortion-free at 4K resolution delivered in real-time.

  • Easy setup and control with programmable EDID
  • Freely crop, scale, and position video wall displays
  • Display wall can be mirrored or rotated at 90, 180, or 270 degrees
  • Preserve proportions of content enlarged over multi-screen display
  • HDCP support on all inputs and outputs (only VideoPlex4000)

4K over IP Video Walls


Manage IP-based digital signage and video wall content remotely with MediaCento's intuitive Web UI with local, secondary, and mobile networks.

  • Distribute digital signage, multicast video, HD video up to 4K and audio
  • Custom LED video wall, digital signage, and video wall displays
  • Cost-effective, flexible matrix switching
  • Plug-and-play video wall setup
  • Extend HDMI over IP with lossless compression
  • PoE support for remote powering

Advanced Video Wall Software

Radian Flex

The 100% software-based Radian Flex video wall platform is ideal for Mission-critical visualisation in control rooms, situation rooms, and command centers.

  • Software architecture provides high scalability plus future-proof 4K resolutions and beyond
  • Connect any source, rotate displays and content freely and add animations on the fly
  • Users can manage video wall content right from their PC
  • Advanced Video Wall Platform
VideoPlex4 Video

VideoPlex4 Overview

See why this video wall controller is the simple way to create stunning and unique video walls.

MediaCento Video

HDMI-over IP Distribution, Switching and Video Wall Control

Discover how MediaCento IPX enables you to transmit HDMI video and audio over an Ethernet network to a virtually unlimited number of screens as far as your network reaches.

Radian Video

Advanced video walls

Explore the potential of a Radian Powered Video Wall.

In this guide, we'll take a look at what constitutes a video wall, some of the technology behind video walls and five types of video walls used for different applications from basic to complex.


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VideoPlex4 | The simple way to create stunning and unique video walls

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MediaCento - HDMI video over an IP network

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Radian Flex Video Wall Software

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