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Multilayered desktop KVM switching
with True USB emulation

Multilayered desktop KVM switching with True USB emulation
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Multilayered switching

Switch video, audio, and USB signals together or separately. Flexibly share peripherals between 2, 3, or 4 computers. Supported USB devices include high-speed USB 2.0 peripherals. Printers, scanners, and non-standard HID devices can all be connected.

Advanced USB emulation

True USB Emulation means support for a wide array of USB devices and KVM extenders without any delay in USB switching.

Multihead video channel access

These advanced desktop switches enable extension to multiple video heads. Use the multihead options to move and extend program windows seamlessly across multiple screens or switch the video channels of CPUs with multiple graphic heads all together. Choose from dual, triple or quad video graphic outputs.

Flexible Control

Switch using hotkey commands, mouse clicks, or the switch’s front-panel controls. Or use the integrated options ports to switch via RS-232/V.24 protocols and even dry contact.

User PC Common  
No. of users No. of Computers Computer Connections Video interface Video Heads RS-232 Audio Firmware Upgradeable Part
1 4 USB DisplayPort 1 KV9804A
1 4 USB DVI-I 2 KV2204A
1 4 USB DVI-I 3 KV2304A
1 4 USB DVI-I 4 KV2404A
1 4 USB DVI-I 1 KV2004A
1 4 USB VGA 1 KV3004A
1 4 USB VGA 2 KV3204A
1 4 USB VGA 3 KV3304A
1 4 USB VGA 4 KV3404A
1 8 USB DVI-I 1 KV2008A
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